We´ll be traveling on the famous “Sun´s Route”, between the cities of Cusco and Puno. On the way, we´ll stop at five important sites. First, in the locality of Andahuaylillas, we´ll visit the colonial church, internationally known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”. Then, in Raqchi, we´ll admire the colossal Incan Temple to Wiracocha; The Creator of the Andean World, after which we´ll enjoy a delicious Buffet-Lunch in the countryside town of Sicuani.

In the afternoon, we´ll stop at La Raya´s Vantage Point, at 4,335 meters (14,222 ft.) above sea level, to appreciate beautiful Andean landscapes. Then, our last stopover will be in Pucará, better known as the “Temple to Fertility”, before moving on to the city of Puno, located on the Collao High Plateau, where Lake Titicaca stands-out as the Incas´ Sacred Place of Origin, and shelters natural and artificial islands.

Apart from the World´s Highest Navigable Lake, Puno possesses important tourist attractions, like the pre-Incan and Incan inverse cone-like cylindrical funeral towers called “Chullpas”, and its Colonial churches, among others. Furthermore, its people are proud of their Quechua and Aymara ancestry, expressed through their traditional folklore that overflows, every year, with dances and rites, during the festivities in honor to the Virgin María de la Candelaria (Candle Mass).


Programa Program


  1. Departure from Cusco´s Bus Station (3,350 m. / 10,991 ft. above sea level): 7:15 a.m.
  2. Guided visit of Andahuaylillas´ Colonial Church (3,122 m.a.s.l. / 10,243 ft.): …….a.m.

Inside walls and ceilings of Saint Peter Apostle´s Church are almost entirely covered with admirable fresco wall paintings, and fine oil paintings with gold-leaf frames.

Guided visit: About 35 minutes.

  1. Raqchi´s Temple to Wiracocha (3,450 m. / 11,319 ft. above sea level):

Raqchi is an Incan architectural complex in which Wiracocha´s Temple stands-out with its huge two-floor rectangular structure of 92 meters (302 ft.) long, by 25.5 meters (84 ft.) wide, and of about 10 meters (33 ft.) high. Its central wall was erected with finely carved stones. Its base has an approximate height of 3 meters (10 ft.), and is made of adobes (large sun-dried mud and straw bricks), and its walls are 1.65 meter (5 ft.) thick, at their base, and 1.30 meter (4 ft.), at the top.

Guided visit: About 35 minutes.

  1. Buffet-lunch at a countryside restaurant, in Sicuani (3,552 m. – 11,653 ft):

Time for the buffet-lunch: About 1 hour.

  1. La Raya (4,335 m. / 14,222 ft. above sea level):

It´s our trip´s highest point.

Stopover: 15 minutes, to take pictures.

  1. Pucará´s Museum (3,900 m. / 12,795 ft. above sea level):

It is the High Plateau´s most important Ceremonial Center. In that museum, we´ll discover the origin of the Pucará Culture, through sculptures and lithium ceramics.

Guided visit: About 25 minutes.

  1. Puno´s Bus Station (3,800 m. / 12,467 ft. above sea level):

5:00 p.m.: Arrival in Puno.


DAY 2: Puno/Uros/Taquile

7:00 a.m.: Transfer to the dock, to board a motorized boat that will take us to the Uros´ Floating Islands, and then, on to Taquile Island´s Quechua weavers community, in the company of a guide. After these guided visits, we´ll have lunch on Taquile Island.

In the afternoon, we´ll walk down to Taquile´s dock, to board the boat, between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m., and sail back to Puno, arriving there around 4:30 p.m.

Transfer to your hotel.


DAY 3: Puno/Juliaca Airport

Early morning transfer, from your hotel, in Puno, to Juliaca´s Airport, to board your return flight to Lima. On the way, we´ll visit Sillustani´s Necropolis and its impressive Chullpas.


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