SOUTHERN JUNGLE 3 Days / 2 Nights


Day 1:

Welcoming reception at the airport, guided visit of the city and transfer to the Capitanía River Port, to start navigating on the Madre de Dios River, to the lodge located 30 km (18 miles) away. On the way, there will be chances to sight rural agricultural and livestock raising premises and, if the weather is on our side, colorful plants, such as heliconias, and animals like the ronsoco, caimans, aquatic turtles, herons, cormorants, carrion and prey birds, etc. Upon arrival at the lodge, distribution of rooms and lunch.

Cocha Caiman: Hike on a duly signaled path, in the company of a local guide, to get to Cocha Caiman which is a small lagoon, with abundant waters, where we´ll observe black and white caimans that are predators of the highest level, in the natural food chain. Then, we´ll enjoy the spectacular dusk, on the river, full of varied colorful hues, in a range of intensities.

Return to the lodge, dinner, and free time to share, at its bar and lounge.

Day 2: Apu Victor Lake

After breakfast, we´ll start hiking to the depth of the jungle, as we follow a duly signaled path, passing through riverside and high tree forests, to descend to floodable forests, and go up again, through hillside forests, while we observe a varied range of wild flora and fauna, all around us.

On our way, we´ll identify fruit, forest and medicinal tree species that are food to both animals and humans, in the Amazon Rainforest, such as the aguaje, mahogany, chestnut, catahua, cedar, acetic, copaiba, shihuahuaco, etc.

If we´re lucky, we´ll have chances to sight larger mammals, like the sachavaca (Tapir), huangana, rodents like the giant otter, the ronsoco, majaz, armadillo, primates like the coto (Howling monkey), frailecito (Little Friar), leoncillo (Little lion), Black Martin (Capuchin), reptiles like the iguana and jergón (pallet), amphibians like toads, and birds like the mountain turkey, partridge, golden parrot and blue, yellow and red macaw.

In the rainforest, we´ll observe butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, chicharras, ants and millipedes, of different species. Once at the Apu Victor Lake, surrounded by huge marshes and gigantic trees, we´ll climb up to the Amazonian Vantage Point; an enormous observation platform, from which we´ll be able to observe parrots, macaws, toucans, camungos, shanshos, herons, caimans, turtles, etc.

During the rainy season, a broad diversity of fish enter Lake Apu Victor, with the floods, and there are other species of fauna, around the lake, like the motelo, matamata, aguajal´s charipata, fraile (Fray monkey), chozna, colored deer, añuje, giant otters, etc. Return hike to the lodge and lunch.

Monkeys´ Island: Just a few minutes away from the lodge, in the heart of the Madre de Dios River, Monkeys´ Island displays a huge diversity of abundant flora, and shelters numerous primate species, like the maquisapa (Big-hand monkey), capuchin, frailecito (Little fray), leoncillo (Little lion), etc. Apart from those, there also are small mammal species, such as the coati (Nasua), squirrels and diverse colorful birds. Dusk in the jungle, return to the lodge and farewell dinner.

Day 3:

Breakfast and return transfer, from the lodge to the city of Puerto Maldonado, and then, to the airport.


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