This colonial locality is mainly visited for its handicraft workshops and market, as well as for its rustic wood-burning ovens, in which bread and pastries are baked in the old traditional way.

In the local church, Mass is said in Quechua; the Incas´ language, for the local communities´ authorities who assist to it, dressed in fine ponchos, and wearing adorned hats, while they carry their embossed silver scepter or “vara”, and are accompanied by their suite of men who blow in marine shells, called “pututu”, that produce prolonged sounds, to open their way through the crowd.

On top of a mountain, there is the important Incan Architectural Complex of Pisaq, in which one can observe the Incan Imperial period´s most exquisite stonework, with the Inti Huatana (Solar Calendar) that stands-out, along with temples and enclosures, of fine architecture, in that liaqta or Incan multifunctional urban center that served astronomical observation and vigilance purposes, among others.


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